Palimpsest and Sand

Notes from the Research Expedition to Fandom Island

Evelyn Carnahan (Evie)
16 December
Hello! Evelyn Carnahan here, Evie to most people. I'm studying in Fandom to learn all I can about archaeology and history, so I can go back to London and apply for a fellowship at Cambridge to go on a dig. Although I'm not quite sure this 'webpage' is working properly. Typewriters are so much simpler....


Evie's from 1916, London and Cairo, and the events of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns haven't happened for her yet. Shhhh. Her mum and dad thought that studying in America until World War I was over would be a good idea, while her brother's goofing off in Cairo. Evie's not really certain how that ended up with her in 2006, but she's trying to be a good sport about it.

Living in ROOM 512 with stuckeyboy(Warren Cheswick)

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[Evie's a character for Fandom High. I don't own the Mummy, Evelyn Carnahan, Rachel Weisz, or Brendan Fraser... sadly, on that last one.]


Evie has now left Fandom for 1918 London. I may write fiction posts for her in her home universe, and letters; IC and OOC comment is welcome, but none of what happens in this journal after 1/6/08 is canon for Fandom.